A Twist in Coyote's Tale:A Young Englishwoman's Personal Account
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An extraordinary encounter with a Native American visionary draws young Englishwoman Celia Gunn into a tribal struggle for cultural sovereignty and spiritual wholeness. 'A Twist In Coyote's Tale' is the true-life account of six years spent working alongside the Arrow Lakes Indian Band in the spectacular valleys of British Columbia, Canada, and the dramatic Interior Plateau country of Washington State, USA. Celia's inspiring personal journey entwines with the renascence of the Arrow Lakes people and traces her own spiritual awakening in the midst of a living shamanic tradition.

'A TWIST IN COYOTE'S TALE: A Young Englishwoman's Personal Account of Finding Herself Through the Rebirth of a Native American Tribe' by Celia M. Gunn is a true story that reads more like a novel. It not only illuminates the frustrations of fighting for political rights whilst awakening to the deeper matter of American Indian spirituality, but also explores the nature of love, obsession and letting go in the progress of one woman towards enlightenment. Celia Gunn's personal journey with the Arrow Lakes people makes for an intriguing, extremely well-written story. Like Coyote, she was often naive, even foolish about what she was getting into but she maintained her New Age optimism throughout her experiences, a perspective that both delights and frustrates. A must read for all who follow a shamanic and self-awareness path!A gripping, intense and profound book, beautifully expressed, where every line, every word is vital to understanding the whole. 

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A Twist in Coyote's Tale:A Young Englishwoman's Personal Account

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