Alchemy of Nine Dimensions - Revised/Expanded Edition
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ALCHEMY OF NINE DIMENSIONS (Revised & Expanded Edition for 2012 and Beyond!) by Barbara Hand Clow - Startling new insights into the Mayan Calendar and 2012! From the author of the bestselling 'The Mayan Code' and 'The Pleiadian Agenda' comes a newly revised and expanded edition of 'The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions', with important new insights into time acceleration, the Mayan calendar, and 2012.

For over two decades Barbara Hand Clow and her partner Gerry Clow have taught thousands of students worldwide how to navigate the nine dimensions to lead fuller, more conscious lives. As we enter the end dates of the Mayan calendar, exploring these realms of consciousness become essential to our evolutionary survival as a species. "Barbara Hand Clow has a message that matters tremendously to every single person on this earth. It is about nothing less than achieving relationship with a brilliant and spiritually potent presence." ...Whitley Strieber


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Alchemy of Nine Dimensions - Revised/Expanded Edition

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