Exponential Evolution - A 'Day Six Lecture DVD with Barbara Hand
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Barbara Hand Clow does it again! In her latest DVD release, 'EXPONENTIAL EVOLUTION - A 'DAY SIX' LECTURE', Barbara discusses time acceleration and some of the hottest topics of the day! BARBARA HAND CLOW, author of The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind, offers a deep examination of the meaning of the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2011/2012. In this lecture, she reveals how each Day Six of the Nine Underworlds is the critical leap factor-the flowering of creation-when the evolutionary purpose of the Underworld comes forth. Day Six of the 16.4-billion-year Cellular Underworld was when the first unicellular creatures-Prokaryotes-appeared. More recently, Day Six of the 100,000-year Regional Underworld was when the Global Maritime Civilization appeared, with sea-faring people that included Atlantis. Barbara believes we are now integrating the Paleolithic Mind, the deeply intuitive creative consciousness of the Regional Underworld. Intriguingly, this was when the Neanderthals attained spiritual and intuitive skills. She suggests that we are on the verge of re-attaining potent intuition and oneness in Nature to balance the logical skills we’ve developed amidst civilization during the last 5,125 years. Barbara’s unique and inspiring view of human evolution will change your view of Time. Special thanks to Cezé Films of Ashland, Oregon for the professional filming of EXPONENTIAL EVOLUTION! TT 1 hr 54 min

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Exponential Evolution - A 'Day Six Lecture DVD with Barbara Hand

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