Infinite Garden - with Shaun Poore & Mary Gunderson
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INFINITE GARDEN by Shaun Poore and Mary Gunderson of 1149 Productions is a compilation of dynamic instrumental pieces that represent a vision of the world felt through a diversity of sound. The CD carries resounding epic themes (Infinite Garden, Beauty of the Rose, At The Gates of Rosslyn), intense drumming songs (The Initiation, Arabica, Reborn), and contemplative tracks (Let The Silence Break, The Unveiling, Cradle of Life, Yahweh Yahweh Ohm). While each song was created with a unique purpose, the intent of the CD is to encourage the listener to interpret each song according to the feeling it generates within themselves - we hope you feel peace, love, and oneness. TESTIMONIALS: “Infinite Garden” is a provocative and rousing rendition of musical brilliance. Your soul travels across oceans and to distant lands all while you take in the enchantment of the melodies. The combination of gifted musicians and perfectly formed melodic sounds make Infinite Garden a revolutionary piece of artistry.-Lauren Axelrod (The Ancient Digger) - "Inspired by the Sacred Arts, "Infinite Garden" is a lush album full of inspirational music to lift the soul and bring us to a more reflective place."Songs such as The Initiation and Arabica remind us of the strength of the human spirit through powerful drums and soaring strings while songs such as The Unveiling and Let The Silence Break bring us back to a softer place where inner reflection becomes a simple pleasure in a busy world. "Infinite Garden" is a musical journey created by people who truly understand the mind and soul of the human experience. Simply listen and discover a little piece more of yourself, just as I have done."...David Green (Green Mountain Music) "Infinite Garden is one of the most inspiring, moving, deep and transformation music I have experienced in my sound healing career! It transcends time and space; a 'channeled' creation that takes you on a vision quest every time you listen. Remarkable!"...Diana LaDue Hand (Wise Awakening)

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Infinite Garden - with Shaun Poore & Mary Gunderson

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