Magic Money Card
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Would you like to increase your wealth effortlessly? Would you like to magically increase your income? Would you like to gain luck and prosperity? Imagine attracting luck, money, opportunities, and prosperity with the simple power of numerology. The Magic Money Card is a tool to bring money, prosperity, good luck and wealth through the vibration of the number eight, special color combinations and a powerful prayer spell. The number eight in numerology exudes the vibration of money, power, wealth and infinity. The special color combinations add to vibrations of happiness and healing. The prayer spell over the magic money card creates and magnifies the blessings to all those who have the Magic Money Card. This is a very simple and powerful good luck money drawing product. Simply place the Magic Money Card in your wallet and wait for money and prosperity miracles to happen in your life! Thousands have reported success stories such as incomes doubling, business and sales growing, investments succeeding, gambling winnings, job promotions, career Keep the Magic Money Card with you and let it's power vibrate fortune into your life! You may also want to place one with your business cards, cash register, office or home. Give your friends, clients and loved ones the gift of prosperity with the Magic Money Card. Magnify the power of your Magic Money Card by utilizing the Magic Money Card sets. Here are some effective ways: Business Owners: Give a Magic Money Card to each of your employees for increased productivity! Sales Managers/ Corporate Executives: Give one to each of your sales people and track overall sales growth for the following months. Realtors: Put a Magic Money Card on each house that you have listed to bring the right buyers. Party/ Event Planners: Use the Magic Money Card as a unique party favor leaving your guests with an increase of prosperity. Holiday/ Birthday Gifts: Enclose in the perfect card to send the “gift of prosperity” to family, friends and clients. Teachers: Give the Magic Money Card to graduating Seniors for a prosperous life. Financial Planners, Mortgage and Stock Brokers: Thank your clients and gain new clients by giving them a Magic Money Card. Wedding Couples: Give a Magic Money Card to both Bride and Groom to have a fortuitous life together.

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Magic Money Card

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