Meditation Moment - Dudley Evenson
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Wise Awakening applauds Dudley Evenson's new CD, 'Meditation Moment'. It is a magnificent collection of 52 high-powered affirmations based on practical wisdom. The album is designed so one can begin their year anytime and focus on a new meditation each week. There is also a benefit in listening to the whole album frequently so the ideals may reach deep into the subconscious. The short affirmations are followed by a musical interlude allowing the principles to integrate internally. These positive affirmations or ‘Be Attitudes’ are even effective while sleeping. Dudley Evenson’s soothing voice carries a resonance which opens up the heart to receive the truth inherent in the affirmations. Over the years, Dudley has shared her guided meditations and music before such noted authors as Deepak Chopra, Joan Borysenko, Larry Dossey and don Miguel Ruiz. Now for the first time, she has created a comprehensive album using her meditative words as a guide with her harp and Dean’s flute as the soothing musical background. Of the affirmation process Dudley says ''As the statements become part of your daily existence, with repetition and intention they can ultimately help focus your mind toward your highest ideals.'' These strong gentle reminders help us move our thoughts to a higher state so we can live with greater clarity and wisdom. Liz Doan of Music Design writes ''Meditation Moment is a very lovely CD! Dudley, your voice and your words are encouraging, empowering and comforting.'' She lists it in the Self-Help Audio section with other meditation titles.

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Meditation Moment - Dudley Evenson

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