Meditations on Nine Dimensions - with Gerry Clow
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Close your eyes and let yourself follow these Meditations on Nine Dimensions as they take you on a journey of self-discovery. Deep within, you are aware of your multi-dimensional self, and these meditations, voiced by an experienced guide, will heighten that awareness. Gerry Clow, a mind/body therapist, co-taught "Journey through Nine Dimensions" workshops with Barbara Hand Clow, author and spiritual teacher, for fourteen years. These meditations were his contribution to Barbara's Alchemy of Nine Dimensions (2004, 2010), along with a chapter on "Living the Nine Dimensions," which will be the subject of his next CD production, 9D Nation (late 2010).

PLEASE NOTE: This CD is meditation only and is not accompanied by the music from the 'Journey Through Nine Dimensions' CD.


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Meditations on Nine Dimensions - with Gerry Clow

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