Nine Initiations On The Nile - DVD
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Barbara Hand Clow conducts nine initiations in the main temples in Egypt with her husband Gerry Clow, Egyptian teacher Abdel Hakim of Giza, and 95 students. This is a movie-quality video made from over a 100 hours of professional filming with a musical sound track and a script written by Barbara Hand Clow. This filming happened when it was still possible to conduct initiations in the deepest recesses of the temples, and the camera man, David Drewry, was inspired by the initiations. Clow is very grateful to producer Jean Scoville, because this is the only filmed record of Clow's initiatic work. The temples were reactivated and used as they were originally designed-for healing and initiation. Watching this film is like taking your own initiatic journey back in time at some of the most amazing sites on earth! By popular demand, now available on DVD!

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Nine Initiations On The Nile - DVD

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