Self-Care Cards - by Cheryl Richardson
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These inspirational Self-Care Cards will challenge you to take a specific action to improve the quality of your life in some way. Whether you eliminate clutter, clarify your priorities, take a leap of courage, or listen to your wise self, you'll experience the power of using small changes to make a big difference in your life. Each of these vibrant, glossy cards brings a specific aspect of self-care into focus. For example, the PLAYFULNESS card shows a woman enrobed in purple with a sleeping child in the center. The back of this card says Play with a child. Children are your greatest teachers. When we're busy taking care of the bills and a household, one of the first things that seems to get sacrificed is a sense of playfulness. When I look at this card, I'm reminded that we all have an inner child within, and accessing a sense wonderment, curiosity and lightheartedness is one way we can take care of ourselves and neutralize stresses. On the card TIME, a cherubic girl in a lavish gold dress looks at us, while gears, planets and stars swirl overhead. Beside her is a table bearing a hourglass, which is surrounded by several clock faces. The back says Schedule a sacred date with yourself. You deserve time for your life. Other self-care cards include SILENCE, RELAXATION, FAITH, RELEASE, CHOICE, GUIDANCE and OPPORTUNITY. You can draw a card a day to center in on a specific aspect of self-care, or even shuffle them and pick one when you'd like some insight and guidance into your life. With breath-taking art by Jean-Paul Avisse, Core Wolfe, and Shirley Ann - coupled with the wise words of life coach Cheryl Richardson - Self-Care Cards are a wonderful way to take the time to be mindful of your own needs and wishes.

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Self-Care Cards - by Cheryl Richardson

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