Stellar Nations - Soul Families
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Stellar Nations - Soul Families (The Cosmic History Chronicles of the Milky Way Galaxy) by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel - Anikó Greskó ... The long forgotten story of all our stellar roots . . . NOW AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH!This book carries an exceptionally powerful and unique teaching, which invites you to a magical spiritual journey in the realm of the galactic myths, where the unicorns, angels, dragon warriors, winded lions, Pegasus beings, the dolphins and the whales, the fairies and elves, the teachers of the Melchizedek consciousness and the healing priestesses of the Goddess, the messengers of the Christ consciousness and lots of other mythical beings come to life as inner realities. By the end of the book, each one of us can recognize that these mystical beings are not only the participants of our fairy tales and dreams, but they work within us as soul-rays, as the invisible principles, mission-codes and destiny-shaping stellarYou are awaited by a completely new journey of discovery, something never experienced before - and the final destination is your true Self! forces, by which our lives are guided.

It is the first time in the history of Planet Earth that this 7th dimensional secret teaching of the Galactic Akashic Records may be revealed, in the mirror of which each human can recognize his or her primordial stellar roots on the levels of the body, soul and the spirit, and everyone can understand the highest motives of his or her existence! This extraordinary book outlines the memory of the cosmic history of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, in the mirror of the thirteen Stellar Nations and nearly 230 stars, to which the authors have created a personal stellar horoscope called Antares-code©, which is available on request, and which enables the wonderful teachings of the stars to be interpreted personally for the very first time now.  This wonderful book comes with the color pictures of almost 80 constellations, diagrams of star positions, and it is illustrated by Philip Straub's and other famous artists' exceptionally expressive and mythically inspired paintings. And, what is more, you can feel the authors' more than 23 years of spiritual work, very serious research and deep understanding as physicians, clairvoyant spiritual healers and teachers, and writers of other three best selling books behind these beautiful words, and you can find real and humble hearts that are the true channels of this divine knowledge. "This is the most phenomenal new teaching for our time! Beautifully illustrated and astoundingly powerful messages of Love and Hope". . . Diana LaDue-Hand, owner of Wise Awakening

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Stellar Nations - Soul Families

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