The Mystic Score: Volume 1
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The Mystic Score, Volume 1, Mary Gunderson's second album, exemplifies Mary's uncanny gift to set emotion and movement to musical score. With masterful understanding of harmonies and sound, Mary beckons us to truly listen to what we hear and calls us forth to something greater than ourselves. The Mystic Score is a soundtrack of awakening that opens our eyes to the world that surrounds us, the quiet voice within us and the peace and power of the present moment. From the still and contemplative to the epic and sweeping, each track has something sacred to impart. This music speaks volumes without words, something Mary Gunderson has mastered and shares with us in The Mystic Score. The Mystic Score is a Wise Awakening favorite. It is a tapestry of ancestoral sounds, with threads of multi-dimensionality, transporting the listener through many life times and dimensions.

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The Mystic Score: Volume 1

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