The Vision - a CD by Matthew Kocel
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'THE VISION', by Matthew Kocel - More than just music, this recording is a sonic transmission of prayers for the heart of humanity healing the Earth. When listened to in a quiet and comfortable setting, dream and waking states merge into an expanded state of consciousness previously accessible only to high initiates, yogis and shamans. Matthew's holographic overtone singing uplifts and inspires you. 'This music is a transmision/activation of light frequencies and penetrates every cell of the body!' says, Diana LaDue Hand of Wise Awakening. Personal note from the artist: 'Sitting quietly, I enter into the stillness. I feel my body rooted in, connected to, becoming the Earth. The entirety of the Universe swirls around me. I sense my companions on this journey as orbs of light arrayed across the luminous web that permeates everything... The Sound  arises. Vibrating from the depth of my being it courses through my body. My belly is the bellows, my chest and head the resonance chamber... All of the bones of my cranium, even my teeth tingle with electro magnetic vibration as the Sound splits into multiple frequencies - from piercing whistle-like highs to sub audible harmonics all at once, flooding the space around me with awareness... An awareness that comes through me - not from me. A remembrance that ALL is connected.... ALL is Love... ALL is ONE.

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The Vision - a CD by Matthew Kocel

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